How can i prevent hepatitis B naturally?


How can i prevent  hepatitis B naturally


The best way to protect against hepatitis B is through appropriate vaccination, but is it possible to prevent natural hepatitis B?

What can we do to help prevent natural hepatitis B?

Can I prevent hepatitis B naturally?

We will answer your question below


In the following we will tell you Natural ways to prevent hepatitis B, but keep in mind that the most basic and effective way to prevent hepatitis B is to get vaccinated against the hepatitis B virus.


Can I prevent hepatitis B naturally?

What is hepatitis B?

Symptoms of hepatitis B

Types of hepatitis B

Natural prevention of hepatitis B.



Can I prevent hepatitis B naturally?

If you have a healthy liver, you can reduce the risk of developing hepatitis B and becoming chronic.

Following the tips below will keep your liver healthy:

  • Avoid obesity and being overweight
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not take too much and unreasonable painkillers
  • Avoid processed foods that contain preservatives
  • Limit the consumption of canned and processed meats such as bacon and sausages
  • Avoid smoking
  • Exercise and be physically active
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables



What is hepatitis B?

HBV causes hepatitis B, a type of virus that can enter your body in the following ways:

  • Use contaminated syringes
  • Transfusion of HBV-infected blood and blood products
  • Sexual contact with a person with the virus
  • The virus can also be transmitted from an infected mother to her fetus
  • The HBV virus is up to 100 times more contagious than the HIV virus
  • The virus is not transmitted through ordinary kissing, holding hands, coughing, sneezing and breastfeeding.



Symptoms of hepatitis B

Most people infected with HBV who have chronic hepatitis do not have complications

Only about 10 to 15 percent of these people may develop liver failure, cirrhosis, or liver cancer due to chronic hepatitis.



Types of hepatitis B

Hepatitis B can be present in three forms:

  1. Acute

  2. active Chronic

  3. inactive Chronic


  1. Acute hepatitis:

Infection with the virus takes less than six months to heal. With the healing of liver damage, the virus is eliminated and the virus is cleared from the body by the immune system.


  1. Chronic hepatitis:

The hepatitis B virus is present in the body for more than six months and the infected person's immune system fails to eliminate the virus.

In this case, the virus lives in the body but does not damage the liver cells, and infected people do not have any specific symptoms.

Babies born to mothers infected with HBV and some people with acute hepatitis may develop chronic hepatitis


  1. Inactive chronic hepatitis:

There is a peaceful coexistence between the virus and liver cells, and liver function tests remain normal. This form is called inactive chronic hepatitis. Only about 10 percent of these people may reactivate the virus in their body and cause damage and inflammation. They can transmit the virus to their sexual partner


After tuberculosis and malaria, infection with hepatitis virus is the most common infectious disease in the world.



Natural prevention of hepatitis B.

We said that the immune system plays an important role in clearing the body of the virus, so anything that keeps your immune system strong and weak will reduce the risk of hepatitis B.

To prevent natural hepatitis B, keep your immunity strong by following these tips, although no prevention method is safer than HBV vaccination.


  • Exercise
  • Avoid overweight and obesity
  • Do not eat high-fat foods
  • Limit canned food, processed foods, fast foods and prepared meats such as bacon.
  • Drink safe water
  • Get enough sleep
  • If you have sleep disorders, be sure to consult a doctor because poor quality sleep weakens your immune system.
  • Avoid anger and anxiety
  • Stay away from stressful situations
  • Eat natural vegetables and fruits
  • Eat less red meat
  • Use fish meat, especially sardines, tuna and salmon
  • Have an active social life
  • It is not recommended to take the drug without consulting a doctor
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