How to remove lice and nits from hair permanently home remedies

How to remove lice and nits from hair permanently home remedies


How to remove lice and nits from hair permanently home remedies


If you or your children have hair lice, do not consider it that you are not clean and dirty, also if your child has been to a camp or is in a daycare center and says when he or she returns home that one or some of his friends have hair lice, calm down and do not be afraid.

You will get rid of hair lice easily with early care and use of home methods. Sometimes starting home remedies early will save you the need to use chemical drugs, but it is better to be examined by a doctor for complete treatment.

If you or your child have been with a person who has head lice or has used that person's brush, comb your hair every morning and evening without fear and worry so that the hair separates completely during combing


Permanently home remedies:

Here are some examples of home remedies to get rid of hair lice


  • Combing hair:

Combing hair has long been a traditional way to get rid of lice, this method has many benefits, For example, after combing hair twice a day, lice are fully exposed.

This direct observation will make them different from dandruff, and regular combing of the hair will not be costly.

You can soak your hair in a conditioner spray and start combing your hair from the roots with a fine-tooth comb. You can use a magnifying glass at the same time and see your hair shaft.

If you see lice, you can remove it from the hair shaft. You can do this better with the help of another person.

This method, Wet combing, is a time-consuming method and requires a lot of participation. If you use this method for your children, try to put a cartoon for them or get help from someone else to keep the child entertained.


  • Use special smothers:

There are a number of natural Smother the lice that can kill lice well.


Some believe that by using Smother the lice, lice will be suffocated, but some say that the method of combing and separating the lice after the lice have softened with smother plays a key role. !!!!

Some of these Smother the lice are:

  • Almond oil
  • Olive oil

You may have used mayonnaise and Vaseline before reading this article, but it is better to know that these two substances are very sticky and will be difficult to wash and are not suitable for use.

The method is that you first soak your hair in olive oil or almond oil and then use a fine-tooth comb to comb your hair. There is another technique in which the comb is soaked in an almond or olive oil spray and the hair is not oiled directly. In the second method, you need to regularly soak your comb in oil.


Try to do the combing under adequate light so that you can fully see the lice. It is better to divide the hair into smaller sections with clips to increase the accuracy and delicacy of the work. Occasionally rinse your comb with warm water and keep working

After you have completely combed your hair, wash and rinse your hair twice with your usual shampoo and finally dry your hair.


Tips after getting the job done:

  • At the end, soak the comb that you used in ten percent bleach solution or Lysol 2 percent for ten minutes, and after this time, wash the comb thoroughly with hot water.


  • You can do this immersion for 30 minutes in pure vinegar or boil the comb in hot water for ten minutes.
  • The towels and cloths you have used should be boiled in water for ten minutes.
  • If you are looking for a permanent way to get rid of head lice at home, repeat the above steps every day for a week. It is necessary to comb your hair under a suitable light every night until two weeks later and see if the lice are gone or still present.


  • Use essential oils to kill lice:

Using these essential oils with combing your hair can be used as a way to get rid of hair lice, remember that these substances should never be eaten and some of them are even toxic.


It is better to observe a few points:

Before using these essential oils, dilute them with a small amount of an oil such as olive oil and apply a small amount of the diluted solution on the back of the wrist of the child or the person concerned, It is better to wait a few hours if you do not see a skin reaction on the spot, the solution is suitable for consumption.

If the person is a child, consider that not enough research has yet been done on the safety of all essential oils in children, and that children are more likely to react more than adults, so it is best to be careful in choosing these ingredients.

And in case of allergic reaction in a child, stop using it, we recommend that you consult a doctor before using these essential oils in children.

Types of these substances that have been used to eliminate hair lice include:

  • Tee tree oil
  • Clove oil
  • Aniseed oil
  • Cinnamon leaf oil
  • Nutmeg oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Need oil
  • Lavender oil


The first technique:

Mix about forty to fifty grams of olive oil with fifteen to twenty drops of essential oil.

Apply this mixture to the palm of the head with a cotton ball, let this mixture stay on the head for at least twelve hours, for example, overnight until morning, Then comb in the same way as before under a suitable light, then shampoo the head twice and dry after rinsing.


The second technique:

Another technique is to pour fifteen to twenty drops of essential oil into some rubbing alcohol and pour it into a spray bottle and completely soak the hair with it.

Wait at least twelve hours, then comb and under the light with a magnifying glass carefully separate the lice and lice eggs, then shampoo the hair twice and dry it after rinsing.

Alcohol spray can eradicate hair lice forever


  • Complete home disinfection:

If one of your family members has head lice, you will not need a complete home disinfection.

It is interesting to note that lice do not survive anywhere other than on the scalp, and lice eggs often cannot mature at room temperature.

This does not mean that the following important points are not observed, in other words, the following actions are required

Hats, towels, pillows, sheets, combs, and any device that comes in close contact with a person with head lice must be washed. After each combing, the hair, lice and lice eggs should be separated and placed in a sealed plastic bag with gloves.

If a device is in close contact with the person and you cannot throw it away or wash it, be sure to put it in a plastic bag, sweeping the floor, sofas and carpets on which lice may be spilled must be done.


Follow the tips and warnings below:

  • Avoid contact of your eyes with lice treatment medications seriously
  • Do not arbitrarily increase or decrease the prescribed amounts in the use of natural and medicinal substances
  • Perform each treatment for the recommended period. For example, if you continue the procedure every day for up to a week, avoid repeating it arbitrarily. This is even more important when chemotherapy is prescribed by your doctor to get rid of hair lice.
  • Do not use conditioner if you are taking the chemical prescribed by your doctor on the scalp. Conditioners prevent the drug from reaching the hair shaft and killing lice and their eggs.



Concluding remarks:

A final recommendation is that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the use of Lindane shampoo as a first-line treatment for hair loss in children. Overuse of Lindane can be toxic and cause nerve damage, the American Academy of Pediatrics says: In the case of treatment of pediatric head lice, other treatments should be performed first and if the appropriate response is not received, Lindan should be prescribed by a doctor.

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