Liquid diet for hemorrhoid surgery

Written by Dr.Bayat
Associate Professor of Orthopedic expert,Brigham Hostpital


Hemorrhoids are pads of bloody, swollen veins that are accompanied by bleeding from the anus (fresh blood after defecation on the stool or toilet bowl).

External hemorrhoids can become painful if you have thrombosis or inflammation. if you have hemorrhoids or you have had hemorrhoid surgery, In this article we will talk more about liquid diet in hemorrhoid surgery.





What is the liquid diet in hemorrhoids?

Consumption of fluids and dilute foods is definitely beneficial in patients with hemorrhoids. Following fluid intake, the intestines will move and function normally.

When we talk about the liquid diet in hemorrhoids, we do not mean that you are only allowed to consume liquids. Generally, before hemorrhoid surgery, the surgeon will recommend a liquid diet, many of which are mixed liquids and foods, which together form a thin, smooth mixture.

Liquid diet is low in calories and also does not contain many nutrients, but it is still necessary to follow it in a short period of time.


Liquid diet before hemorrhoid surgery

Constipation is a problem for patients before hemorrhoid surgery. Liquid diet greatly reduces your risk of constipation

Liquid diet will reduce the complications of surgery.

In Liquid Diet, that can be used before hemorrhoid surgery, you can use apple juice, cranberry juice, and gelatin.

If your surgeon has given a special recipe, you will be required to follow it carefully. Sometimes the use of different purees and yogurt is also recommended by surgeons.


Liquid diet after hemorrhoid surgery

If you are going to have hemorrhoid surgery, you need to know that it is very important to follow a liquid diet after hemorrhoid surgery. You should have a diet rich in fluids and full of fiber and continue this diet until you return to normal. Be sure to talk to your doctor about Liquid Diet after hemorrhoid surgery.


Your diet will mainly include the following points:

  • Drink plenty of fluids:

If you have had hemorrhoid surgery, know that your post-operative diet priority is to consume fluids and "easily digestible" foods.

Apples, sour cherries, light tea and gelatin, and very diluted soups should be eaten regularly for a short time.

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and in addition, do not forget to drink fruit juices

  • Eat low-calorie, nutritious and dilute foods:

Do not forget the soups

  • Include high-fiber foods in your daily diet:

As long as you have a dressing of wound, you should not eat heavy foods as it will stimulate defecation and will interfere with healing process of your surgical wound.

  • Legumes:

The primary rule to fight against piles and hemorrhoid is to eat fiber to soften your stool to pass easily and make less damage to vessels and capillary.

Legume consumption, especially when used as soup will help you to have soft stool.

  • Whole grains:

Like legumes, whole grains contain lots of fiber and any food or soup that contain whole grain will help you fight with piles.

  • Broccoli soup:

Any soup that contains broccoli will help you before and after hemorrhoid or piles surgery. Be cautious not to use it frequently because it may cause bowel gas and irritation.

  • Lemon juice:

Lemon juice contain lots of vit C and other essential nutrition that is needed to strengthen the vessels and capillaries wall. Beside that it will help wound to heal faster after surgery.

Do not use lemon juice directly on wound as it will hurt the newly formed tissue and interfere with healing process.

  • celery juice:

celery juice contains lots of healthy and essential elements that will help wound to heal rapidly.

You can use celery soup after surgery as a liquid diet.


Postoperative recovery

If you do not have extensive hemorrhoid surgery, you can usually eat a high-fiber diet after the first twenty hours, and if you have extensive surgery, eat light food such as diluted soups for three to four days.

You can eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains from the day after hemorrhoid surgery until you do not have nausea or vomiting.

 Women need twenty to twenty-five grams of fiber daily and men need thirty to thirty-eight grams of fiber daily.

High fiber cereals are:

  • Spear Thistle
  • Raspberry
  • Beans and chickpeas also have the highest amount of fiber


Other nutritional tips after surgery:

  • Eat citrus fruits, whole grain breads, carrots, cauliflower, etc., which are rich sources of fiber.
  • Prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids by consuming more grains and fluids
  • Try to eat five servings of fruits or vegetables daily (eighty grams per serving)
  • For the first few days after surgery, in addition to drinking plenty of fluids, it is recommended to use pureed and mixed foods, such as
  • Banana puree
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Soups

Avoid strong coffee and strong tea until you return to a normal life that lasts a week to ten days and sometimes two weeks, and replace steamed foods instead of fried foods.


Written by Dr.Bayat
Associate Professor of Orthopedic expert,Brigham Hostpital



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