Needle-like pain in lower abdomen during pregnancy





Abdominal pain during pregnancy can be very worrying for you.

Knowing the cause of lower abdominal pain will help you to differentiate between transient and harmless pain during pregnancy and abdominal pain, which is a sign of fetal and uterine problems, and avoid unnecessary worries.

In the following, we will tell you the cause of needle-like pains such as lower abdomen pain during pregnancy.


During pregnancy, your body makes many changes to prepare you for hosting your fetus, sometimes some of these changes will cause you to experience unpleasant and uncomfortable conditions.

Sharp and sometimes needle-like pains in the lower abdomen are unpleasant experiences during pregnancy. Sometimes sharp and radicular pains can be felt around the stomach or groin in addition to the lower abdomen.

You should know that most of the time the cause of needle-like pain in the lower abdomen is normal changes in the body during pregnancy. In the following, we will tell the other causes of these pains.


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Causes of low needle pain in pregnancy

Common causes of needle-like and sometimes sharp pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy include the following:


  • Accumulation of intestinal and gastric gases

During pregnancy, the movements of your gastrointestinal tract slow down. This change, along with the pressure of the uterus on the intestines and stomach, can cause the accumulation of gastrointestinal gas.


  • Constipation

Constipation is very common in pregnancy, hormonal changes and uterine pressure aggravates your constipation. constipation can be the cause of lower abdominal pain.


  • Cramp

Uterine dilatation during pregnancy can be accompanied by sharp pain in the lower abdomen called a cramp.


  • Round ligament pain

Usually in the second trimester of pregnancy there is sharp pain (sometimes needle-like) in one or both sides of the lower abdomen, this pain is due to the stretching of the round uterine ligaments. The round ligaments hold the uterus in place. During pregnancy, as the uterus enlarges, these ligaments are stretched, causing sharp, sometimes needle-like pain in the lower abdomen.

Cervical ligament pain is very common in pregnancy. This sharp and pricking pain will increase when you change the position of your body because more tension is applied to the cervical ligament.

The cases mentioned above are among the causes of lower abdominal pain in pregnancy that are caused by normal changes in pregnancy and are safe and transient. In contrast to these common causes, abdominal pain can be caused by high risk factors and serious conditions. Including.


  • Ectopic pregnancies

Implantation of fetal cells after fertilization should be done in the wall of the uterus, if instead of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc. become the location of egg cells, ectopic pregnancy has occurred

Ectopic pregnancy is very, very dangerous for the mother because the fetus cannot grow outside the uterus, which can cause very deadly bleeding for the mother.


  • Miscarriage:

 A sharp, sometimes needle-like pain that results from uterine contractions can be caused by a miscarriage.


  • Urinary tract infections

These infections can cause lower abdominal pain. Any urinary tract infection in pregnant women needs to be treated and evaluated. Failure to treat urinary tract infection in a pregnant woman can be associated with many complications in the fetus.


  • Premature birth

If the pain persists, there is a possibility of premature birth


  • Pre-eclampsia

This case is also an unpleasant condition that will have adverse consequences for the mother and fetus if not treated and treated. One of the symptoms of this complication is high blood pressure.

You can see that the causes of sharp and needle-like pain in the lower abdomen are a lot, so it will be important for the mother to know the warning signs of needle-like pain in the lower abdomen during her pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and have a tingling pain in your abdomen, tell your doctor immediately if you have any of the following warning signs and symptoms.

  • Acute abdominal pain with vomiting
  • Needle-like pain in the abdomen with fever or shivering
  • Heavy and severe vaginal bleeding
  • Any change in vaginal discharge
  • Severe pain that makes it difficult to breathe
  • Severe pain that prevents you from speaking
  • sharp pain in lower abdomen when coughing
  • Severe pain during which you cannot even walk


We emphasize that in case of any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should inform your doctor immediately or go to an equipped medical center immediately. Take Sharp and needle-like pain in the lower abdomen seriously, because mostly normal cramps or pain from stretching the abdominal ligaments last only a few minutes.


Ways to reduce sharp and needle pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy

If you do not have warning signs and symptoms, you can use the following ways at your doctor's discretion to reduce and tolerate needle-like pain such as lower abdomen during your pregnancy.

  • Perform safe stretching exercises for pregnancy according to your doctor
  • There are special breathing exercises for pregnant women that you can ask your doctor or midwife
  • If you are not in complete bed rest postion, do not forget to walk daily
  • Learn proper sleeping and sitting positions from your doctor or midwife

In any case, if you experience severe, increasing, and unbearable pain that prevents you from performing your normal daily activities, do not waste time going to a doctor or equipped medical center.

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