General English name: Rabeprazole

Brand: Pariet

Application: Treatment of diseases related to gastric acid - gastric reflux - gastric and duodenal ulcers - Helicobacter pylori infection - Zollinger-Zilson syndrome





Rabprazole Drug Information

Contraindications to Robprazole

Drug Interaction Rabprazole

Tips to consider before taking Robprazole

Possible side effects of Robprazole

How to store Robprazole





Rabprazole Drug Information

Medication Information: Acid is produced naturally in the stomach and aids digestion. It can also kill germs. Stomach acid can be harmful so the body naturally produces a protective layer called mucus that protects the stomach wall from the effects of the acid. In some people, this protective barrier breaks down and the acid damages the stomach wall, leading to inflammation, ulcers and other illnesses.

Some people also have a problem with the upper valve of their stomach and can not prevent the release of acid. This allows the acid to escape and damage the stomach. This is called acid reflux.

Proton pump inhibitors, such as robprazole, prevent the production of excess acid by stomach cells. This mechanism prevents the production of stomach ulcers or helps the healing process of gastric ulcers. By reducing the amount of acid, these drugs help reduce the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Robprazole is also useful in fighting Helicobacter pylori infection, which causes stomach ulcers.


Contraindications to Robprazole

  • Note the expiration date of Robprazole and do not take it if the expired medicine is out of date.
  • Never give Robprazole to anyone else, even if you have the same symptoms.
  • Do not take Robprazole more than the dose prescribed by your doctor.
  • Check for drug interactions with Robprazole and be sure to tell your doctor what other medication you are taking.


Drug Interaction Rabprazole

Drug interactions may alter drug performance and increase the risk of serious side effects. Make a list of all the medicines (including prescription / over-the-counter medicines and herbal products) you use and share them with your doctor and pharmacist. Do not change the dose of your medicine without consulting your doctor or stop taking the medicine.

Some medications that may interact with robprazole include methotrexate (especially high-dose therapy).

Some medications require stomach acid to be properly absorbed by the body. Rabprazole reduces stomach acid, thus affecting the performance of some drugs. Some of the drugs that are affected by this drug are: atazanavir, dasatinib, pazopanib, delavirdin, specific azole antifungals (itraconazole), ketoconazole, ketoconazole (ketoconazole) )).

Robprazole may interfere with certain laboratory tests and may cause erroneous results. Talk to your lab staff and all doctors about the medicine you have taken before the test


Tips to consider before taking Robprazole

Some medications are not suitable for people with certain conditions, and some medications may be prescribed if additional treatment is needed; Therefore, it is best for your doctor to know the following before taking Robprazole:

  • If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or if you are breast-feeding.
  • If you have any liver or kidney problems.
  • If you have any of these symptoms: difficulty swallowing, blood loss, weight loss or if you are sick.
  • If you are addicted to drugs.
  • If you are currently taking certain medications. These medicines include all the medicines available, whether you are prescribed them or taking them without a doctor's prescription, such as herbal medicines and complementary medicines.
  • If you have a history of an allergic reaction to a drug.


Possible side effects of Robprazole

All medications can cause side effects. But many consumers also do not experience any side effects. Some of the side effects go away shortly after taking the medicine. In case of persistent side effects, the physician should be informed:

Headache: Ask your doctor to prescribe a suitable painkiller.

Weakness and fatigue: Slow rising can help reduce symptoms. Avoid driving and working with tools in this situation.

Stomach upset (stomach pain, bloating): Eat simple foods and avoid spicy and high-fat foods.

Diarrhea: Drink plenty of water. Tell your doctor if the diarrhea persists or gets worse.

Constipation: Eat a good diet and drink several glasses of water daily.

Influenza-like illness, cough, runny nose, difficulty sleeping, back pain: Consult your doctor if any of these are a problem.

Consult your doctor if you have any other symptoms that you feel may be due to the use of Robprazole.


How to store Robprazole

Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

Keep the medicine in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

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