Vibrating Feeling in Stomach

Vibrating Feeling in Stomach


Have you ever had vibrating feeling in stomach?

Often, we feel this weird feeling of vibration in our stomach and we do not know the reason. These internal vibrations are often known to be tremors that occur internally. This vibration is capable of affecting the ones who are suffering from Parkinson's disease, sclerosis, and even essential tremor.

Keep in mind these internal tremors are not simply harmful but they cause worry and anxiety in the individual who is facing this issue suddenly. Internal tremors or vibrations are simply the process where the individual feels a sense of shaking internally and it can even be invisible to the eyes.

Let us see what are the main causes and the more about this vibrating feeling in the stomach.


The Causes of the Vibration in the Stomach

Diagnosis of the problem Regarding the Vibrating Felling in Stomach


The Drug-Induced Vibration

What Are the Drugs That Mainly Cause Vibration?




The Causes of the Vibration in the Stomach

The main causes of the internal vibration in the stomach or the internal tremors are not clearly understood yet and according to doctors, these vibrations are originated from the same neurological causes that belong to the external tremors.

Based on a study that was published in the year 2017, there is a link that is between the tremors as well as social anxiety. According to researchers, internal tremors can even produce a physical movement that can be slightly detected as well.

Based on a different study done in the year 2016, it was found that the internal vibration in the stomach could be produced by unusual symptoms of the disorders in movement.

A lot of people have felt this vibration feeling in their stomach but they have other sensory symptoms as well like aching, tingling, as well as burning. The other symptoms can help in finding the clues regarding the condition you are in.

The symptom of the vibration in the stomach can include:

  • The small movement of the legs and even arms and mainly when the individual is active
  • Nodding in the head
  • Twitch in the eyelids as well as other parts in the face of the individual.
  • Issues while writing
  • Trouble in having balance

Other sensory symptoms, such as aching, tingling, and burning is also present in most of the people with internal tremors. The other manifestations you may have with the vibrating feeling in your stomach, can give clues to which condition you have.


Diagnosis of the problem Regarding the Vibrating Felling in Stomach

It is highly recommended to see a doctor if you see you have the following symptoms such as:

  • numbness
  • trouble while walking
  • dizziness as well as weakness.

The doctor on the other hand will start asking questions to know more about the symptoms as well as the medical history that you have. 

Certain tests will be asked to be done by the doctor in order to check for different signs of neurological conditions that might be the reason for the vibration happening in the stomach. 

Series of tasks will be asked by the doctor such as to test the reflexes, strength, the tone of the muscle, the movement as well as the ability in walking, and last but not least the balance as well as coordination.

Another test that will be asked by the doctor is:

  • The evoked potential test is mainly done in order to use the electrodes that help in the measurement of how well the nervous system of the individual responds to different stimulation.
  • An electromyogram that helps in the processor measurement of the muscle has to respond to the stimulation.
  • Lumbar puncture that simply removes the sample from the fluid right from the spinal cord of the individual in order to look for signs of MS.
  • The magnetic resonance imaging or MRI scan will help in showing the lesions in the brain and spinal cord of the individual.



If you desire to get the right treatment and to know the exact cause of the feeling of vibration in the stomach, there should be an accurate diagnosis.  Often the internet vibration has the ability to improve once the treatment condition is right and the cause of the vibration is found out.  If the doctor is unable to find out the reason for the trainers happening in the stomach, it is better to visit another specialist for further tests.

  • Drugs for The Vibration Feeling in The Stomach

The disease of Parkinson's is mainly treated with the help of the carbidopa-levodopa, ropinirole, and last but not least the pramipexole.  These are the main drugs that increase the amount of dopamine in the brain of the individual or even mimic the effects of dopamine as well. 

It should be noted that dopamine is simply a chemical messenger that aids the body in order to move smoothly.

The feeling of vibration in the stomach is also treated with the help of the blood pressure drug which is known as a beta-blocker. 

The treatment of MS on the other hand depends highly on the type of MS that the individual is suffering from and its progression.

It can simply include steroids in order to bring down inflammation in the spinal cord as well as the brain of the individual who suffers from it.  Other treatments that are available include the process of disease-modifying drugs, such as glatiramer acetate, and last but not least the interferon.

  • Drugs That Will Help in The Process of Control the Feeling of Vibration in Stomach

There are certain drugs that are really helpful in helping the control of the vibration in the stomach, and some of them are:

  • The anticholinergic drug 
  • The botulinum toxin A
  • And last but not least the tranquilizers like alprazolam as well as clonazepam.

There can be other options as well such as working with the physical therapist that can help you in order to control that will also help greatly for the vibrations happening in the stomach.

In case other treatments have been unsuccessful the doctor will obviously recommend surgery. There is a technique that is known as deep brain stimulation where the respective doctor will implant the electrodes in the brain of the patient and it will have a battery that will operate the generator in the chest of the patient. 

The generator is considered to be delivering electrical pulses to different parts of the human brain that have the potential of controlling movement. This is how the vibration in the stomach can be controlled and even stopped.

Vibrations that orca internally are not dangerous but they are very uncomfortable and can interview we could be the life of the patient.  Symptoms are capable of improving or not depends highly on what is causing the vibration and the type of treatment taken.

You should find the right treatment that can involve some trial as well as errors. Often the first treatment and medication don't work, and hence you should visit other doctors and see if they try something else.  It should be noted that the vibration feeling in the stomach may not go away entirely but there are chances that the patient will be able to control them after the treatment.

There can be certain tips in order to monitor the symptoms of vibration in the stomach.  The vibration feeling is something that is very hard to be described to the doctor and in order to help you in the process of describing the same time you should keep a diary of your vibrations and mention the things below.

  • Mention what time of the day you felt the vibration in your stomach.
  • Mention the activity you were doing while you felt the vibration.
  • What did the vibration actually feel like?
  • The duration of the vibration.
  • And last but not least mention other symptoms if you felt like, such as dizziness or even weakness.


The Drug-Induced Vibration

open the vibration feeling in the stomach can also be due to the intake of a particular drug.  The vibration in the stomach is there rhythmic, at the same time, and uncontrollable movement that happens in the stomach of the individual or other parts of the body.

The movement is mainly caused by vibration which is very quick and it goes on a cycle that lasts about 6 to 10 seconds.  Vibrations that are caused by the intake of the drug can also be referred to as drug-induced Parkinson's. It should be mention that about 10% of the Parkinson cases right at the disease of the Parkinson Treatment Centre are mainly termed to be drug-induced Parkinson's.

It can also occur when the patient moves the body in a particular way or a certain position.  Medication that simply caused vibrations in the stomach includes some anti-psychotic, antidepressant, and last but not least anticonvulsant.  There are other medications that can cause vibration and even get worse if the patient already has Parkinson's disease or even similar disorders.

There can be certain symptoms such as:

  • Feeling of vibration in the arms.
  • Vibration in head and face.
  • Vibration in the vocal cords of the individual.
  • And last but not least vibration in the legs.


What Are the Drugs That Mainly Cause Vibration?

Drug-induced tremors or vibrations are mainly caused by the response of the brain to the chemicals that are taken in some medication.  Drug-induced tremors are also occurring as a result of the individual from alcohol or even drugs when the body is already habituated.

Anticonvulsant drugs are one of the drugs that cause drug-induced tremors in individuals and they are used in different medical conditions as well.

Immunosuppressant are also such drugs that are mainly used to prevent the rejection of the transplanted organs in the body and they have the potential of causing an individual to face drug-induced tremors.

Vibration in the stomach can also be due to other reasons such as muscles spasm that happened in the arms or legs, in the same manner, it can happen in the stomach. These are mainly known to be involuntary contractions that can be caused by a strain of muscle or overuse of it. 

It can also be a sign of dehydration, so it is better to visit a doctor to find the actual cause of the feeling of vibration in the stomach.

Another reason for the feeling of vibration in the stomach can be the phantom kicks that mean it happens in women who have giving birth.  It is the feeling which is very Common and the woman faces it right after the delivery, and in other cases, the individuals experience the vibration in the stomach even after years.

On the other hand, the ones who had a miscarriage or even abortion are also prone to experience the feeling of vibration in their stomach.

Another reason for such a feeling can also be an allergic reaction to something that the individual has consumed.  It is very uncommon but the feeling is capable of being related to the celiac disease, order abnormal reaction that happens to gluten.  There can be an allergic reaction to certain medicines as well.

In some cases, avoiding foods that have gluten can help in the prevention of the vibration feeling in the stomach they can also include:

  • The abnormal bloating or even pain.
  • Persistent diarrhea in the individual.
  • The issue of constipation and vomiting.
  • And last but not least, weight loss.



The feeling of vibration in the stomach is not an unusual experience and its occurs to a lot of individual due different factors that have been mentioned earlier.

Jolts as well as jabs can also be caused by the development of the fetus and it can also be the result of the feeling of vibration in the stomach due to normal digestion, muscle spasm, or even ovulation.

In some cases, serious problems like intestinal obstruction which is not a common cause of the movement in the abdomen, but it can be the reason for the sensation which can be a sign of it, so it is better to be aware.

In case you feel the vibration in your stomach and if the feeling is chronic and you start experiencing additional symptoms, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Even if you are that it is the result of indigestion, visit the doctor and allow the doctor to find the cause and help you in order to get relieved from the vibration.  Often this feeling is caused due to other reasons that are unknown.



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