What is the best drink for high blood pressure?



Blood pressure is essential for the blood to flow and move through the arteries of our body and if this pressure drops suddenly, death is inevitable.

Simply the amount of force that the heart pumps blood into the aortic artery (biggest vessel that exits oxygenated blood from heart) measured as systolic blood pressure or the greatest number of your blood pressure.

The pressure that the blood conducts in our arteries during the resting phase of the heart, measured as diastolic blood pressure and is the smallest number of your blood pressure.

These numbers together are commonly used to express blood pressure.


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What beverages help to improve high blood pressure?

Medical advice to lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular complications

Symptoms of high blood pressure

Precautions to prevent hypertension




What beverages help to improve high blood pressure?

Some of the following drinks for lowering blood pressure may be recommended by friends and relatives, such as:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Verjuice
  • Brewed fenugreek seeds
  • (Methi water)
  • Drinking mixture chia seeds in water
  • Cranberry syrup
  • Pomegranate paste or pomegranate juice
  • Sour tea (hibiscuse)
  • And...


But none will take the place of the medical treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Also, many drinks can cause high blood pressure, for example, usually in lemon juice and especially verjuices, to prevent mold, a lot of salt is added to them When you use these high-salt fluids with the idea of ​​lowering your high blood pressure, not only will you not achieve your goal, but the available salt will also increase your blood pressure. Sometimes substances added as preservatives to a variety of beverages and fruit juices are harmful to a person with high blood pressure.


Medical advice to lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular complications

What is recommended in reputable medical books to reduce high blood pressure and prevent its cardiovascular complications are:


  • Eat natural foods that are high in potassium.

Like bananas, oranges and … potassium is a substance that is effective in regulating the internal diameter of blood vessels and coordinating heartbeats.


  • Today, cheeses are made that use potassium salt instead of sodium salt, which may decrease the risk of making high blood pressure.


what is the best drink for high blood pressure


In other words: (Eat more potassium and less sodium)

  • Reduce sugar consumption

Replacing compound sugars with simple sugars in the diet

  • Reduce the consumption of fast foods and canned foods.
  • Consumption of low-fat milk is recommended in some books due to its richness in ions that modulate cardiovascular activity.

We remind you that consuming fresh lemon juice without salt and additives will be very useful in the long run to maintain the flexibility and health of the body's arterial wall, but your expectation from drinking lemon juice to immediately reduce your high blood pressure is not very reasonable.


what is the best drink for high blood pressure

Symptoms of high blood pressure:

Most people with high blood pressure or hypertension are asymptomatic. Sometimes in a small group, high blood pressure can be accompanied by the following symptoms:


High blood pressure or hypertension is called the 'silent killer' because it is asymptomatic in most cases.


Precautions to prevent hypertension:

  • Avoid obesity
  • Do regular daily exercise (half an hour of aerobic exercise daily such as walking) or three days a week for half an hour cycling or swimming
  • Have a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits

(Long-term use of these substances provides vitamin C and other essential antioxidants to maintain vascular health and flexibility.)

  • Stop smoking and hookah
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Regular blood pressure measurement
  • Limit consumption of prepared foods such as sausages, canned foods, fast foods
  • Limit consumption of pickles and other canned vegetables due to high levels of sodium salt
  • Stress control
  • Adequate daily rest

Consumption of sour tea, fresh orange juice without additives in the long term can provide essential substances for maintaining the health of the body cells and flexibility of the arterial wall, but it is a mistake to think that drinking large amounts of lemon juice, orange juice, vinegar or sour tea at one time will lower your blood pressure.


If your blood pressure is not in the normal range, be sure to see your doctor to control your blood pressure. Home remedies such as beverages for lowering blood pressure, known as traditional treatments for high blood pressure, have not been approved in medical reference books.


Therefore, it is emphasized again to refer to the prescription prescribed by your doctor to control high blood pressure and without consulting your doctor, avoid herbs and traditional beverages.











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