home remedies for UTI in toddlers

home remedies for UTI in toddlers


If your child has a urinary tract infection, the first and most important treatment is to follow your doctor's instructions.

In addition to the doctor's prescriptions and recommendations for eliminating urinary tract infections (UTI) doctors of your toddler, if the doctor approves, you can also get help from the ways provided in this article.

In the following, home remedies for treating UTI in your toddler will be presented:


Your child should drink plenty of water:

Do not let the baby's body become dehydrated, drinking water will regulate the flow of urine and help flush out disease toxins.

If your baby is breastfeeding, try to breastfeed as much as possible.


Use appropriate probiotics for your child's age:

Doctors believe that probiotics can provide a beneficial set for the human urinary and gastrointestinal tract and prevent the growth of bacteria and pathogens.

Probiotics can both prevent UTIs and be very helpful in treating them.

Normal flora of the intestines and urinary system is essential for maintaining a healthy body, and probiotics will ensure the stability and health of this flora.

Be sure to talk to your pediatrician about the right type of probiotic for your child.

Today there are various milks, yogurts and cheeses that are enriched with probiotics

Include these ingredients in your baby's diet


Use Lemon juice:

Lemon juice contains compounds that help to excrete more urine. By drinking natural lemon juice, urination is increased and the excretion of disease toxins is accelerated. Drinking lemon juice greatly reduces the growth of bacteria.

To prevent UTI, try giving your child lemonade daily.


Do not give your child acidic foods, acidic and carbonated drinks:

If your baby is consuming food other than breast milk, avoid acidic foods and carbonated beverages.


Hot bath:

Bathe your baby with hypoallergenic soap once a day

A warm bath helps relieve your baby's pain. A hot bath also helps to wash your baby's private area.

In addition to all the above benefits, a hot bath prevents recurrence of UTI.


Use hypoallergenic diapers and cloth diapers:

Cloth diaper cannot absorb urine and feces, so they must be replaced immediately. These diapers are suitable for preventing the growth of bacteria


Wash children from front to back, especially girls:

By washing your daughter's private part from front to back, you can severely prevent UTI. Urine and feces can contain harmful and infectious bacteria. Use a separate tissue to clean the urethra and around the anus


Eat more foods rich in vitamin C:

Vitamin C can keep your baby's urinary tract and bladder healthy, include fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C. Use appropriate vitamin C supplements if your doctor allows.


If your child eats soup and solid food, add a little garlic to his food:

Garlic can clear the urinary tract and urinary tract of pathogens and infectious bacteria.


Coconut oil:

Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to your baby's food. This combination will help improve urination and reduce urinary irritation.


Hot compress:

Try to keep the baby's tummy warm. You can warm a soft towel and place it on the baby's tummy.

Be careful not to use hot water bags for infants and young children as there is a risk of burns. Keep the environment where your child plays and relaxes warm and clean


Do not neglect apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar, or ACV, is one of the best home remedies for treating UTIs in children. Apple cider vinegar is high in potassium, which can greatly prevent the growth of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections called E. coli. The acidity of apple cider vinegar will help clear the urinary tract of infectious agents and bacteria.

If your child does not want to eat apple cider vinegar, season it with honey and a little cinnamon to encourage him to eat. Try to give the child some apple cider vinegar mixed with water, honey and cinnamon every morning.


The following oral compounds can be used to help reduce urinary tract infections at home for your child:

  • Cucumber:

Cucumber has compounds that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the urinary system

Cucumber increases the volume of urine and therefore can help clear the baby's urinary tract of bacteria and toxins with the high volume of urine it produces.

Cucumber contains very useful anti-inflammatory compounds. In addition to reducing inflammation, it also prevents a lot of pain when urinating.

  • Pineapple:

Pineapple has an enzyme called Bromelain which is highly anti-inflammatory

Include small pieces of pineapple and pineapple juice in your child's daily routine

  • Cod liver oil:

The high content of vitamin A and D in cod liver oil is very effective in eliminating UTI.

Be sure to prepare the oringinal oil without additives

This oil has very high antibacterial properties, both reduces symptoms and prevents UTI recurrence.

  • Coconut water


Final words:

In the end, we emphasize that you should avoid covering your child with very tight clothes, tight and wet underwear made of synthetic fibers.

Baby underwear should be made of hypoallergenic fibers and cotton

It should be wide enough for the air to circulate so that the baby's private part is completely dry. By doing so, you will both help to eliminate UTI and reduce its recurrence

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