is ADHD on the autism spectrum

is ADHD on the autism spectrum


is adhd on the autism spectrum


It is different from autism spectrum disorders, ADHD

You should not confuse ADHD with ads, although we may have a number of symptoms in both groups of disorders in common, but in the following you will become more familiar with both disorders.


Is ADHD on the autism spectrum?

Spectrum Disorders of Autism (ADS)

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorders

Are the spectrum of autism and ADHD the same?

What is the difference between ads and ADHD?

Detect ADHD and ads

Differences in treatment

Treatment in patients with ads



Is ADHD on the autism spectrum?

Accurate, correct and timely diagnosis will help children with both groups to maintain their quality of life and receive appropriate development and education. Both groups of people with autism and ADHD, if diagnosed correctly and received timely treatment, can have a happy and acceptable life.


Range of Disorders of Autism (ADS)

Impairment of brain development (nerve cells or neurons that make up the brain in the embryo or early birth) causes this range of disorders.

In fact, autism is a group of disorders related to the development of the mind and brain that cause the following skills:

  • Verbal and temporal skills
  • Behavioral skills
  • Social interactions
  • The ability and power to learn


ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorders

The mental disorder that causes “above normal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors.” Both children and adults can develop this mental disorder. These people suffer from “trouble focusing their attention on a single task or sitting still or long duration of time.”


Symptoms of this group of patients include:

  • Excessive talking
  • Constantly fidgeting
  • They can't wait for their turn
  • They have thoughtless discourses
  • They are not able to sit still for a while
  • They cannot focus on the subject or work
  • They constantly jump between other people's words


Are the range of autism and ADHD the same?

Although common symptoms can be found in ADS and ADHD, the two disorders are very different.


What is the difference between ads and ADHD?

Children with ads are not able to focus on and do things they do not like, for example, they are not able to focus on flipping through the pages of a book or arranging the pieces of a puzzle. And they do not show interest, but they are able to focus on their favorite objects and actions. For example, these people tend to focus on one set of their toys, not the rest of the toys.

Children with ADHD, have reluctance and avoidance of things they will have to concentrate on


About social communication:

Both groups have difficulty socializing

Children with ads are unaware of their environment, they have great difficulty expressing words and how they feel in front of others, and they are unable to say a word that has a clear meaning.

There is also a group of ads in which children with the disease can talk for hours on end about just one topic of interest to them.

Children with ADHD talk non-stop interacting with each other. They also jump in the middle of each other's speech, disrupting another's discourse, and start talking on their own.

Children enjoy repeating an action with ads

Children with ADHD avoid repetitive work


Children with ads may be very interested in a particular food, a particular restaurant, a particular toy, or a particular outfit and are willing to repeat them, but children with ADHD may not want to repeat and perform an action over and over again.


Detect and diagnose ADHD and ads

As a mother or father, you should answer the doctor's questions There are tests and tools that a specialist doctor will use to make a diagnosis about your child.

Your doctor will ask you to monitor your child's play and activities at the office or specialist clinic.

Feedback from parents, teachers and school officials is essential in diagnosis

The doctor carefully rules out other possible diagnoses

Affected children are unable to talk about their problems with you or your doctor

The best course of action is to tell your child's doctor if you have any of these disorders and to refer you to a specialist if needed.


Differences in treatment

  • Treatment of ADHD in children and young patients:

First, Behavioral therapy

if left untreated, Medication

  • Treatment of ADHD in older children and adults:

Behavioral therapy and Medication


Treatment in patients with ads

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Sensory integration and occupational


Medications can not cure ads, but they can control the symptoms depending on the individual's condition.

Doctors emphasize that the sooner these two disorders are diagnosed and the sooner treatment is started, the better and happier the life of the patients will be.

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