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If you have excessive sweating of the soles of your feet and you want to know how you can reduce it. If you have bad foot odor after sweating a lot and you want to know the solutions to eliminate sweating and foot odor, we recommend that you read more:



Why do we have bad smell in feet and shoes?



What are the benefits of keeping your feet dry?

Home remedies to relieve foot sweat and foot odor

When should we see a doctor?





Foot odor is often considered a shameful and annoying problem. It can also sometimes indicate a more serious and important problem. This problem, meaning foot odor, mostly affects people who sweat more on their feet. In fact, when your feet sweat too much in socks or shoes, it provides a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi between the toes, and sweating is one of the main causes of bad feet odor.

When your feet sweat a lot, a warm, moist environment is provided between the toes inside the sock as well as inside your shoes. This environment is suitable for the growth of a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi that have been present in that area.

These fungi, as well as bacteria, produce a foul odor when they grow, and this is the reason why the soles of the feet or inside the shoes of people whose feet sweat a lot smells bad.


Why do we have bad smell in feet and shoes?

What are the causes of bad foot odor?

The first thing that causes foot odor is poor foot ventilation. If you are a person who wears enclosed shoes for long hours a day, especially if you are not used to wearing socks, you are more exposed to this annoying problem, because your feet do not have enough space and conditions for ventilation. 

In shoes that are enclosed, the air circulation is very low and will not allow the sweat of your feet to evaporate, so there is a constantly wet and dark environment inside your shoes that is suitable for the growth of many infectious agents such as, fungi and bacteria.

There are thousands of sweat glands in the feet of an average adult, and if the feet are not washed, the thickness of the layers of sweat that accumulate on the skin increases day by day.

The humidity of the heat as well as the darkness of the environment cause the bacteria to grow. These bacteria use carbohydrates, peptides and fatty acids to produce acetic acid.

In fact, the products that the bacteria make cause a bad odor on the feet and between your toes and your shoes.

Another factor that causes bad foot odor is the growth of fungus in the foot.

The specific and significant growth of fungus on the foot depends on the amount of sweating on your foot, ie people who sweat a lot are more prone to fungus on the foot, and this condition is more common in people who are athletes, so sometimes this disorder is called athlete's foot or tinea pedis.

In addition to the above two cases, which are very common with excessive sweating of the feet and are the main causes of bad foot odor, we should mention other factors that play a role in causing sweat and bad foot odor.

So the following can be mentioned:

  • Deficiency of some minerals such as zinc deficiency
  • The second reason is not washing on your feet at least once a day
  • Wear a pair of shoes or a pair of socks for several days in a row
  • Hormonal changes, for example, during puberty and pregnancy
  • wearing non-standard shoes
  • Wearing wet shoes
  • Wearing shoes and socks made of plastic and rubber.

These materials prevent good ventilation and space inside the shoes.

The next cause:

  • Stress

When the body suffers from stress and anxiety, anxiety hormones are released. One of the effects of these hormones in the body is increased sweating. With increased sweating in stressful conditions, the feet sweat more than before. excessive sweating of the feet provides a good space for bacteria and fungi to grow.



What really causes your feet to sweat and smell bad should be determined after a history check and a proper physical exam.

Also, sometimes a diagnostic test is rarely needed to diagnose the cause of excessive foot sweating and foot odor.

If you have excessive foot sweating, which is annoying, you should consider it as a possible warning sign and see your doctor to check it and get diagnostic tests to get the underlying problem.



In general, we must say that foot odor is an annoying but often benign disorder, and you can control it well by taking better hygiene measures and washing it. You should wash your feet at least once a day regularly.

So washing, cleaning and drying the feet is a must to get rid of sweat and bad foot odor.

Your doctor may also prescribe an antibacterial soap or mild disinfectant solution to clean your feet, which you use it once a day for about a week.

Before you put on your shoes and socks at the beginning of the day, you should make sure that your feet, your socks and your shoes are dry. For example, if you feel that your shoes are not dry, it is better to dry them with a hair dryer or take it off and put it in the sun and wear another dry shoe. Also, be sure to dry your feet well when you wash your feet.


What are the benefits of keeping your feet dry?

In fact, when you keep your socks and shoes dry, you eliminate the damp, humid environment that is conducive to the growth of bacteria and fungi on your feet and prevent odors.

Doctors advise people who sweat a lot to use antiperspirant powders or sprays on their feet.

Here are some products that you can use to get rid of foot odor.

  1. The first category is antiperspirants


Products such as lotion powders and sprays containing aluminum chloride are available in the market. These materials will be placed under the surface of your foot to Reduce the activity of the sweat glands in the soles of your feet. The mechanism of this material is that when you sweat, this product absorbs moisture and actually closes the sweat glands.

  1. The second category is alcohol

One substance that you can use to treat foot odor caused by excessive sweating is alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption is best used after washing the feet and taking a shower, as well as after the feet are completely dry.

To do this, you should soak a cotton ball in an alcohol solution and place it between your toes. Before using alcohol, you can try it on a small area of ​​your skin to make sure that it does not cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

Apart from these two categories, other treatments include:

  1. Botox injection

Use of oral and topical and sometimes anticholinergic drugs

And sometimes In people who have excessive foot sweating, lumbar sympathectomy is chosen as a last option for treatment.


Home remedies to relieve foot sweat and foot odor

Wash your feet daily with warm water and clean soap and be sure to dry after washing.

Sometimes you have to soak your feet in warm water for a while so that the hard sticky layers and dirt and dead cells loosen and can come off, and you must peel them properly afterwards.

As much as we emphasize on cleaning the feet and between the toes, we also emphasize on drying the feet after washing. When the feet are wet, there is a good place for infectious agents such as bacteria and fungi to grow, so Be sure to dry the space between the toes and the feet with a hair dryer or towel to absorb the remaining moisture.

Socks should be chosen from the right fibers and compatible with the skin. Cotton socks seem to be the best option for many people. Interestingly, it is not the case that cotton removes sweat from the skin, cotton causes the sweat to stay close to the skin for a longer time.

This can cause your feet to smell bad for a long time. There are certain types of acrylic fibers that are designed to keep this moisture dry.

It is emphasized to avoid polyester and nylon socks that intensify the sweating of your feet. Be sure to change your shoes every few days, in other words, do not wear a pair of shoes for several days in a row.

The shoes you wear should provide proper ventilation to the feet, Shoes that are made with standard materials allow air to flow inside the shoes and dry the sweat of the feet faster.

The next solution:

be sure to observe nail hygiene:

Trim and clean your nails regularly. The soles of the feet become hard and thick over time due to the accumulation of dead cells, remove them after soaking in water with a proper peel.

There is also a medicine that you can use the soles of your shoes and reduce the bad smell of your feet to some extent.

Studies show that topical zinc sulfate is used to absorb sweat and odor from shoes and feet, and validated studies recommend topical application of 15% zinc sulfate solution on the soles of the feet and between the toes to significantly improve the condition of people.

It is said that after two weeks of treatment, 70% of people treated with zinc sulfate have completely recovered, although the study should be repeated in larger groups.

The next solution is to use talcum powder:

A simple and inexpensive solution to reduce sweating and bad foot and shoes odor.

Cover the foot and inside of the shoe with some talcum powder (of course, the foot and inside the shoe that has dried) if you Spread this powder on your feet, it absorbs sweat and moisture, so the environment suitable for the growth of bacteria and fungi is neutralized. You can also use baby powder.

Another solution is that , you can soak your feet in Epsom salt

Use aromatic tea bags

Use scented oils as well as baking soda

These may help to eliminate foot odor, but there is no scientific evidence to prove that these cases are definitive in eliminating sweating and foot odor.


When should we see a doctor?

Sweating and bad foot odor are common in both men and women.

Abnormal sweating of the soles of the feet can indicate a more serious underlying problem. Sometimes abnormal skin function and its appendages can lead to complications associated with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease and a variety of neuropathies.

We recommend that you see your doctor if you have a lot of foot sweat and bad foot odor.

If there are sores and cuts on your feet.

If your feet are swollen.

If your feet are abnormally red and swollen.

But in general, it is recommended that if you are a person who constantly suffers from excessive sweating and bad foot odor, even though you have a good hygiene this problem is not resolved, see a doctor.

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